A little About Me

Just a little about me :-) I have been doing Real Estate Photography since 2007. I also work for a Real Estate company which gives me the edge of knowing what is going on in the industry and what buyers and sellers are looking for and where they are looking. I have shown dogs, raced a car I rebuilt and for 8 years I did graphic design and web building for dog exhibitors. Then in 2007 I bought a nice camera, set out to take some photos of flowers and pretty much knew instantly that being behind the camera was where I was meant to focus (pun intended!) my life. I am "all in" and even though I have a young son that keeps me very busy, he and photography are where all my energy goes. In this industry, I continually stay up to date with all the latest editing, angles to learn, lighting, camera, software, etc.

I am on top of it and ready to work my magic for you! I look forward to booking with you and helping to show you that you sales can soar even higher and that I'm the photographer that doesn't only take photos, I also post in social media and continually am working to keep the listings out there for all to see and to buy!

Teaming up means not only getting professional beautiful photos, but also help with marketing. Incredible photos that seduce the buyer, short walk through teaser videos, slideshow tours, personal pages, posting/sharing to all social media and I have my own app so I am accessible all the time. 

Please keep in mind that booking a shoot means you understand that all photos are copyright to the photographer. 
Read this page so you fully understand about copyright with Real Estate photos.


More than just photos....it's A whole package

  • High quality fantastic photos
  • Upbeat happy attitude!! I love doing this and this is my specialty!
  • Fast Service – 24 hr turnaround
  • Your own personal website for each listing that is shareable on all social media
  • I have been working at a Real Estate company for 10 years and know what the needs are of the Agent, Seller and what the Buyers are looking for
  • Sellers love knowing their Real Estate Agent cares enough to hire a reputable real estate photographer
  • I work with Top Producing Agents and help their listings get noticed and SOLD
  • I come with a bag of goodies! No showing up with just a point & shoot or just simply a camera with a wide angle lens or even my cell phone to take these photos. I come prepared to light even a house with no power. (Done it!)
  • I help with MARKETING! I blog all photoshoots, post on my website and post on all social media to help spread the word as well as tag listing agents!

Beautiful Images

  • High quality fantastic photos
  • Beautiful, proper lighting appropriate for each room
  • Straight verticals, all lines straight and level, wide angle views of all rooms and no unpleasant color casts
  • Correct, beautiful colors, clean lines, sharp photos, straight verticals (no leaning houses or hokey HDR!)
  • Upbeat happy attitude!! I love doing this and this is my specialty!
  • Each set represents the home in & out
  • I use specialized lighting to correctly show each room as far as color, emotion and ambiance
  • All homes need specialized lighting to correct all the color issues with different bulbs and to combat all the different colors throughout each home as well as deal with all different types of situations with lots of sunlight or very little
  • I offer Elevated photos up to 18 feet high if requested
  • Big house or small house, lots of land or a tiny yard- I can handle it
  • All photos copyright to photographer and licensed for use for purchaser

Video & Tours

I am now offering Walk Through Videos and also Virtual Tours (slideshows). Each one is unique to each home. The walk through videos are just enough of a teaser to show the potential buyer what it feels like when they first get to and walk into what could be their new home.